?Are there real benefits to owning pets


 ?Are there real benefits to owning pets

Let's talk about the unexpected and surprising benefits of having a pet in your life.

Did you know that there is a strong relationship between humans and animals?

One of the most beautiful and unifying aspects of humanity is watching the extraordinary lengths some animal lovers will go to for their animal companions.

Non animal lovers may not get it at all...yet.

So here's the thing: They have a deep, mutual bond and connection that's hard to explain or define, but it doesn't make it any less real or tangible.

Many people have learned the benefits of owning pets. And a pet of any kind, be it a cat, dog, horse, lizard, or bird that feels loved and safe, will bring happiness to its human being.

While some pet owners go to extravagant lengths of fur for their kids—throwing them at elaborate weddings, birthday parties, or dressing up in fancy costumes—even the simple act of acknowledging their loyalty and love for you is a gift that will reap many rewards for a lifetime.

Pets are a window into our souls.

One of the many benefits of owning pets is when they show you who you really are. They do this by thinking, reflecting, and acting on aspects of your inner self. And when you care about their messages, they can help you become a better person.

This is the phenomenon that I call 'the mind-body connection with the human body and the human animal' and it is something extraordinary once you understand it, it will change your life.

They have no capacity for malice or cunning.

When you listen to them, what do they say about how much you care about yourself...and them?

It will instinctively reflect your sense of health and well-being. They are compatible with your energy - your mind, body and emotions - and can send you messages about brewing problems long before others realize the signs of trouble.

It can be a great comfort in times of stress, isolation or loneliness.

Health benefits of owning pets

We've all heard clichés like, "Dogs are man's best friend."

But have you wondered why? I will tell you my faith...

Dogs are loyal to error.

Animals find joy in the simplest and smallest things.

They have no need for excuses or pretension, they are just themselves at all.

They go to sleep unencumbered by everyday worries and wake up every morning with a clean slate, ready to face the world with new eyes and souls.

Their freshness, resilience, dedication, determination, and optimism are all contagious.

However, many animals also have an innate sense of when someone needs support. They don't always take anxiety... they simply reach out to calm the person in pain.

Not every dog, cat, or horse will be a therapy animal trained for hospital care, as a service animal or companion in times of crisis...

But you should know that your pet picks up cues from you at all times.

Your horse will feel the tension in you and try to understand it, and then decide how to help you with this.

Your dog will follow you around the house as they read negative energy trying to figure out what's wrong and how to help you.

You might think it's a pest — especially when you're upset. Stop and receive the gift of their love as it is, and talk to them about what is bothering you. You'll feel better about it, and when you know how to talk to animals, they'll be able to tell you what they're thinking, too.

Animals understand when things go wrong, but lack the ability to fix them...or do they?

Countless studies have shown that there is therapeutic power in having a cat on your lap, making a dog rest its head on your lap, and a horse remaining still while you pet its face.

Research has revealed that the bond between people and their pets increases their fitness, reduces stress, and brings joy to their owners. Some of the many benefits of owning pets are that people enjoy:

Reduction of Blood pressure

Low cholesterol levels

Increase opportunities for exercise and outdoor activities

Low triglyceride levels

Lack of loneliness

Increase opportunities for socialization 

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