?Do you keep birds and other pets together


?Do you keep birds and other pets together

 When God created a variety of living things, he made his own rules for predators and prey. Although these two elements of nature can coexist in one type of environment, they have some specific traits with which they can live against each other.

For example, predators depend on prey for their food and also have sufficient opportunities to protect themselves.

Problems arise only when the most intelligent elements form in nature - humans disrupt the functioning of natural processes.

A similar situation arises when you choose to keep several pets together, as beautiful birds such as parrots are bought to live with dogs and cats.

You may have used all of the pet care tips to turn your four-legged furry companions into kind natures, but just seeing the prey can make them ferocious. And that's to the point where they can end up killing and eating your sweet pet bird.

You may have seen your cats hunting birds on trees in the garden, and your dogs chasing them in the meadow, in order to catch them. In such a situation, could you ever imagine that two pets of completely opposite nature could get along with each other? Let's take a broader look at the above point of view.

Birds and other pets in the house:

People have choices among different types of parrots, pigeons, mynahs, owls, nightingales, larks etc. to keep them at home in cages. Most of these are very colorful and fun to watch. Everything goes well until you decide to have another pet in the form of a dog or cat, or vice versa when you first have a four-legged pet.

Although keeping birds, dogs, and cats together is never a crime, it is always best to be safe and sound with predators and prey coexisting in one place - your sweet home.

The predatory actions of your four-legged pets:

It is very obvious and you may have seen it in countless anime movies in your younger days. The most famous of these was the Looney Tunes cartoon, in which Sylvester Cat the flying feline attacked the small and brave Tweety. Although he could never fulfill his intentions, the reality could be completely different.

Primarily, all your pet (most likely cats) will come across is bird meat which can satisfy their tummy. But how do you notice such conditions in your pets?

Well, you can see conditions like your pet's body is quite still and its eyes are stuck in the bird's cage. The mouth can be closed tightly or the animal's tongue can be stroked with pleasure. It will have fully erect ears and the tail too will be stiff, standing up straight. When your dog or cat is focusing a lot on your pet bird, it is a sign to be careful when caring for them.

Predatory actions can happen almost in the blink of an eye, but the previous steps are highly measured and calculated. These are the warning signals for you to prepare and silence your pet to stop the attack.

Even if you tether your dog too tightly, he may try to detach by pulling on the leash or constantly barking. Cats are rarely leashed, and therefore have better chances of attacking pet birds.

If you find any such condition in your home as well, offer to calm your pets with instructions and pats. Some treats can also be offered to the pet as rewards for knowing that being in a friendly gesture is more beneficial than trying to attack the weak partner.

If you are unable to control the discord between your fur and winged pets, you will likely need the advice of an animal behavior professional. The person can give you precise guidance on your circumstances, on how to turn their quarrel into a more friendly gesture.

Precautions During Coexistence of Fur and Winged Pets:

While you would like to inculcate such an idea, you should be careful on some specific points which are as follows:

Keep pets in contact: If you think that the best way to prevent your pet bird from being attacked by your cat or dog is to separate them completely, you may be completely wrong. While the birds they own love to be social, dogs and cats can also develop a sense of admiration when they see other pets daily. However, you need to practice this while keeping some distance effectively. Birds should be kept in a sturdy, suitable cage that can be hung in a safe place. Make sure it is large and strong enough to withstand even the strongest pet attacks.

Ensure the safety of the birds: The cage in which your bird is located should be kept in a place that makes it difficult for the other pet to attack it. Make sure to hang it tightly so it won't fall off when knocked over.

It's not always obvious that dogs and cats will attack your pet birds just by seeing them. However, proper safety measures must always be ensured. Most birds that are kept in a cage or open with other friendly pets at play can get injured due to the sharp claws and teeth of four-legged pets. Make sure to prevent any situations like this that could be bad.

Do not leave pets unattended together: If you tend to forget the laws of nature and come to the conclusion that your pets of an opposite nature have developed enough bond to prevent any risks, you can radically repent of your decision. Birds that play with dogs and cats can become annoying in any case because there is no specific cause. If cats or dogs find enough reasons to do so, they may always be tempted to attack pet birds, no matter how friendly they may have been before.

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