Top tips for traveling with pets


 Top tips for traveling with pets

For those who have pets, going away on vacation means that you will have to decide on the best way to take care of your pets while you are away. Most pet lovers cannot leave behind an important family member. To make your thinking easier, we've compiled a list of great tips to help you travel with your pets.

by plane

If you're traveling, check the pet requirements and conditions set by the specific airline you're flying with. I recommend calling or emailing them if you need any clarification on their circumstances.

By road: select bathroom breaks

If you are driving to your destination, it is important that you schedule and schedule restroom stops. To avoid your pet feeling anxious, use bathroom breaks to allow him to run.

By road: Proof of experience test

Before you commit to a long trip with your beloved pet, you should understand very well what you are into. Take them on a two-hour drive to see if they suffer from motion sickness or extreme anxiety. This will help you take precautions, if necessary. It will also introduce them to the circumstances and allow them to be comfortable with it. You can take this even further by rewarding them every time they ride in the car to create a positive association with it.

By road: safety fund

Although the idea of ​​locking up your pet sounds horrible, while traveling it is a safety issue. Pets roaming freely around the car while driving can be very distracting and dangerous. Studies have shown that putting pets in a crate can also reduce their anxiety during long trips.

Puppy pads, puppy pads, and more puppy pads!

Even if you have an adult, house-trained pet, traveling often makes him confused, which can lead to minor accidents. So make sure you have some puppy pads handy wherever you are.

Tag them!

Interacting with pets in an unfamiliar environment can be very scary for you and your pet. In the event of an emergency, it is very important to have a strong collar and tag with your contact details. If you are traveling, your usual contact details may not apply, so remember to update the tags accordingly.

Stock up on essentials.

When you're on vacation, the last thing you have to worry about is refilling your pet's medication prescription, finding his or her favorite food—or worse, introducing a new food to which he reacts negatively. To avoid this, pack enough food for the duration of your stay and then some. Don't count on buying food at your destination. Pack some toys and blankets from home to cool off during your trip.

Get a vet check up

Visit your vet for a thorough examination before your leave. If your pet prone to motion sickness is our concern, your vet will be able to prescribe something appropriate. Take advantage of your visit and ask any questions you have.

Find a suitable accommodation for pets

There is often a misconception that hotels and motels will accommodate your pets, but this is not always the case. It is important that you check with them before making any payments. Be clear about your pet's size and requirements to ensure a positive experience for your beloved pet as well as for yourself. If you have larger pets, you may want to choose a vacation home.

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